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          Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher
          HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
          HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
          HBJ-8Q Glue Spreader
          HBJ-8QZ Glue Spreader
          HDGS48Double work station Hot-pressing Dryer
          HDG48 Hot-pressing Dryer
          HDG-Z Longitudinal Veneer Hot-pressing Dryer
          HYFB48 Container Special Hydraulic Board Overturner
          HSS-5 Double Hydraulic Lifter
          HVPP48 Veneer Packing Pre-press
          4'6'Series of Glue Spreader
          HBJ-8'Glue spreader
          HWB-H Heavy Antomatic Veneer Partcher
          HWB-DB Veneer Edge Mending Machine
          HFB48 Hydraulic Plates Turning-over Machine
          HS Hydraulic Elevator
          HDP Veneer Splicer Machine
          Semiautomatic Press Machine
          Trimming saw
          Pneumatic Clipper
          HWY Bending Wood Hot press
          HRJ Series Hot Press
          450T Single-layer Pre-press
          Veneer Bidirectional Dryer Type HSG48
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          Add:8 Chengtang Road(Chang'an)Huishan 
          Economic Development Zone,Wuxi Jiangsu Province,China 
          Contact:Jianchang Hua
          Tel:(0510)83859060 83859070 83857090
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          About us

          WuXi Hao Xiang Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the famous tourist city Wuxi which is in the south of Yangtze river. It is near to the Wuxi Exit of Huning Express Way(Shanghai-Nanjing Express Way)and the transportation is very convenient. It takes around 120 kilometers from our plant to Shanghai.

          Having more than 10 years of the experience in the technology and the practice, we are very specialized in the forestry machinery. We have a very professional team of designing, new product development, production and sales. Now we have below series of machinery: HBJ series of Glue Spreader, HS series of Lifters,HJB series of Trimming Saws, HJ series of Cold and Hot Press, HDG Dry Hot Press for single board and etc. Also we produce the plywood production line, blockboard production line ,overlaid bosrd produciton line and compound floorboard production line . Our machines and equipments are very popular with both domestic and Southeast Asia market.

          Our company takes "Credibility and Honesty " as the motto. We have a complete quality control system which ensures good quality and good services. We believe our machines and services will bring with our customers production efficiency and cost savings . We are looking forward to a long term business relationship with our customers both home and abroad . We believe the win-win cooperation will lead us and our customers to great success and a bright future. 



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